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Military Divorce can be a complicated process for both enlisted members and their spouses. You owe it to yourself and your children to understand the process.

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…In terms of the law, military members are not any different from non-enlisted couples when it comes to divorce, however, there are some additional details to consider that could affect your divorce.
For instance, the divorce process could take longer than normal if you or your spouse happen to be on active duty in a remote area or overseas. Also, considerations of Military Retirement Pay and Pensions, as well as the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act should be reviewed and discussed and your attorney should be familiar and experienced with these items. Other items unique to military divorce are issues such as PCS orders (mandatory relocation), deployments, DEERS, TRICARE, commissary privileges, base sponsored childcare, TSP retirement accounts, Family Care Plans, UCCMJ, and other Federal laws that control division of retirement.

While the state law doesn’t change, it is imperative that federal laws that can affect a divorce of a current or former service members be considered to ensure not only the right outcome, but also to ensure the terms of the decree of divorce are enforceable and all issues unique to members of the military and their spouses are properly considered.


Military families serve our country with distinction and you deserve legal representation that understands your challenges. Entrust an experienced firm that truly cares about clients and is experienced with the challenges of military divorce.

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