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A divorce is a legal proceeding that ends a marriage. Through the divorce suit, you’ll work with the court and attorneys to determine the disposition of your joint property, spousal support issues, and custody and child support issues.


Like a divorce, a dissolution ends in the termination of the marriage. However, fault cannot be assigned to either party and both individuals must be willing to agree to all terms and particulars of a settlement. A dissolution is often called a “no-fault divorce.”

Child Custody

In matters of custody, the court is focused on the best interests of the child. When a marriage ends or when parents are unmarried but want to share custody, the parents must submit a plan allocating responsibility for the children.

Child Support

If you want to claim child support, you must request an order for support from the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). Ohio law governs how much child support a parent must pay.

Shared Parenting

The court prefers shared parenting agreements over sole custody because it means both parents will remain in the child’s life. While custody agreements typically give one parent responsibility for decisions about the child, shared parenting offers both parents an equal share of the responsibility.

Juvenile Custody

Cases involving the rights and interests of children of parents who are or have been married are heard in the Domestic Relations Court. In contrast, cases involving children of unmarried parents are heard in the Juvenile Court.   Our attorneys have significant experience in dealing with Juvenile Court cases.

Military Divorce

In terms of the law, military members are not any different from non-enlisted couples when it comes to divorce. There are some additional details to consider that could affect your divorce.


Adoption is a complex legal process by which you become the full legal parent of a child. The most common type of adoption in Ohio is where a stepparent adopts a stepchild.  We can help you navigate such a serious step. 

Asset Determination & Evaluation

Marriage is a financial and legal relationship, in which financial concerns are at the forefront when the relationship comes to an end.  A divorce is not all about money, but the financial and tax implications of a split can have an impact for years to come.

Civil Protection Orders

It’s not easy to decide to file suit against an abuser, especially when it’s someone close to you. The State of Ohio recognizes that difficulty and offers an alternative in the form of a Civil Protection Order (CPO).

Prenuptial Agreements

There are specific requirements for a prenuptial agreement to be enforceable or valid. These requirements, similarly to all others types of contracts, follow the various and relevant contract and domestic relations laws.


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