Divorce and Family Law Lawyers in Mason, OH

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Divorce and Family Law Lawyers serving Mason, Ohio

The award-winning divorce lawyers at Kirkland & Sommers only practice family law, making us the experts in divorce and family law in the Mason, Ohio area. Our experienced attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience serving a 10-county area around Mason.

Why Choose a Family Law Firm?

Lawyers who specialize in one area of the law develop expertise practicing law in that area, just like doctors do. You wouldn’t let your family doctor perform brain surgery, and you wouldn’t want a criminal defense or personal injury lawyer who isn’t familiar with the local Domestic Relations courts in Warren County to handle your divorce if you live in Mason or Warren County. A family law firm is better positioned to address the legal matters that are unique to divorce proceedings.

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Family Law Attorneys Helping Your Family

Almost every aspect of family law comes into play when parents decide to terminate a marriage. Whether you choose an amicable Dissolution of Marriage or have to endure a contested divorce, you will likely have to cope with the issues of child support, spousal support, division of assets, shared parenting plans, and child custody. All of these areas of family law are fraught with emotion, which is why you need an expert divorce lawyer to help guide you through the process. Your divorce case will impact almost every area of your – and your family’s – lives, so it’s important that you work with an experienced divorce lawyer who can advise you every step of the way. Much is at stake when you are ending a marriage, so choosing the right attorney or law firm just may be one of the biggest decisions you will make.

Mason Divorce and Family Law Services We Offer


      • Divorce

      • Dissolution

      • Child Custody

      • Child Support

      • Spousal Support

      • Property and Asset Division

      • Prenuptial Agreements

      • Unmarried Custody of Juveniles

      • Military Divorce

      • Adoption

      • Shared Parenting

      • Divorce Modification

      • Civil Protection Orders

    As you can see, divorce lawyers in the family law practice area handle so much more than just divorce! Let’s take a deeper look into some of these practice areas.

    Divorce and Dissolution

    Do you know the difference between divorce and dissolution? Divorce proceedings are necessary when both parties cannot come to an agreement they both feel is fair. If both parties can agree on items such as division of assets and alimony, a dissolution may be a faster, easier, and less expensive way to end the marriage. The one thing divorce and dissolution have in common is that both are ways to end a marriage.

    Child Support, Custody and Shared Parenting

    If you have children together, your divorce lawyer can advise you on these issues as well. Child Support is determined by the state according to a specific formula, and your divorce lawyer can explain that formula to you so that you know what to expect. Custody and parenting time are two separate issues, and a good divorce lawyer will advise you to make every attempt to come to an agreement with your spouse on these issues before heading into domestic relations court. If you don’t, the magistrate may very well follow a pre-set plan that has been established in Warren County.

    Division of assets and support

    These two areas may be the most contentious areas of a divorce, and this is where having a divorce lawyer who has achieved the highest level of recognition in this practice area can make you or break you. Several lawyers at Kirkland & Sommers are members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and all are Certified Specialists in Family Law by the Ohio Bar Association. Unlike child support, spousal support is not dictated by a state formula. Division of assets only includes marital assets, so having a divorce lawyer who can help you separate your individual assets from your marital assets could potentially end up saving you a lot of money…. or netting you a lot of money!

    Divorce Modification

    Choosing the right lawyer can be important years after the divorce has been finalized. When one party undergoes substantial life changes that no longer work with the terms of the divorce decree, they can request a divorce modification. While the final decision whether or not to pursue a modification belongs to the client, an experienced lawyer can highly recommend whether the court is likely to accept a request to modify. If you are considering divorce modification, be prepared in your initial consultation to demonstrate to your lawyer why you believe your life changes are substantial, so that they can advise you whether a modification is worth pursuing.

    We Know Mason

    Divorce cases in the Mason, Ohio area are filed in the Warren County Domestic Relations Court. Our family law firm has argued hundreds, if not thousands, of divorce cases in front of the magistrates in Warren County. What does that mean for you? It means you get the benefit of our divorce lawyers’ experience with specific magistrates. We may not know exactly how they’ll rule in your case, but we can tell you how they’ve ruled in past cases. Should you fight for more – or less – child support, or are you better off settling? Will the judge think your shared parenting plan is fair? How do they tend to view issues of child custody? Our past experience as divorce lawyers serving Mason and Warren County helps you make informed decisions, and that extra knowledge works to your advantage. 

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    How Can We Help You?

    Tell us about your family and your situation. There’s no case too small… or too big…for our experienced family law attorneys. Our firm has successfully argued – and won – cases in front of the Ohio Court of Appeals, because we won’t quit until you achieve justice. Our divorce lawyers have a network of expert witnesses in multiple fields who can help with complex financial situations. We’ll make sure you have temporary orders of child support or spousal support during the divorce proceedings if needed, so you can focus on your family and not your finances. And we’ll be here for you down the road if your situation changes substantially and you need to request a divorce modification. From start to finish, the divorce lawyers at Kirkland & Sommers will be here for you.

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