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Butler County Family Law & Divorce Attorneys

The law firm of Kirkland & Sommers is a team of experienced family law attorneys serving Butler County, West Chester, and Greene County. Our law practice specializes in one area: family law. Combine this dedicated and focused approach on family law with a team of professionals who have been practicing law for more than 100 combined years, and you’ll understand why Butler County residents put their trust in the law office of Kirkland & Sommers.

Practice Areas

Did you know that family law attorneys do more than handle divorces? While that may be the largest practice area for any family law firm, our law office can also help you with:

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Child custody and Visitation rights
  • Child and Spousal Support
  • Civil Protection Orders
  • Asset and Debt Division
  • Adoption and grandparents’ rights

Are you considering a divorce?

Divorce is a significant legal matter that requires careful consideration and professional legal representation. Not only does it denote the end of a marriage, but it also necessitates the division of assets, and sometimes the involvement of child support and other domestic relations matters.

To navigate through such an intricate legal issue, hiring a reputable Butler County family law lawyer can make a world of difference. Lawyers trained in family law not only provide you with the necessary legal guidance, but they also empathize with your situation, lending a supportive hand during the invariably tough times.

Understanding Contested Divorce

When it comes to divorce proceedings, not all cases are straightforward. Particularly challenging are contested divorces. In such situations, spouses cannot agree on key issues like child support, the division of property, or custody, creating the need for legal representation to navigate the complexities.

Common Issues in Contested Divorce

Issues that may lead to a contested divorce can range from financial disagreements to allegations of domestic violence to discrepancies regarding child custody. Legal matters like these require an experienced family law attorney equipped to handle the intricacies of such cases.

Why Legal Representation is Essential in a Contested Divorce

Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side during a contested divorce is highly beneficial. Not only can they offer guidance on the best means of addressing the issue at hand, but they will also ensure your rights are safeguarded.

Consider a case of alleged domestic violence within a contested divorce; proper legal representation can help ensure your right to safety, while also guiding you through the legal issues related to the allegations.

Dissolution of Marriage: An Overview

Another route for ending a marriage is dissolution. Unlike a contested divorce, this process is usually more manageable. Both parties agree on all matters including division of assets, child support, and alimony, before filing a joint petition for dissolution.

Benefits of Choosing Dissolution over Contested Divorce

Choosing dissolution of marriage over a contested divorce can be beneficial, primarily in maintaining a peaceful relationship amongst all of the parties, especially when minor children are involved.

Moreover, opting for dissolution is generally less costly, and less time-consuming, and, with the guidance of a qualified family lawyer, could lead to a fair and agreeable outcome.

The Role of a Family Lawyer in the Dissolution of Marriage Process

While a dissolution seems straightforward, having competent legal counsel is crucial. A family law attorney can help in documenting all assets and debts accurately, drafting a fair separation agreement, and ensuring the process adheres to the legal guidelines in Butler County.

Whether you find yourself embroiled in a contested divorce or contemplating dissolution of marriage, consider enlisting the services of a proficient family law attorney. They can substantively lighten the burden of dealing with weighty legal matters and reliably steer you toward an optimal resolution.

Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody battles can be challenging and emotionally charged. There are two types of custody that a court might award: physical and legal custody. Understanding what each type means can significantly impact how you approach your custody case with your family law attorney.

Physical custody refers to where your child will live, while legal custody relates to decision-making power over essential aspects of the child’s life, like education, healthcare, and religion. Collaborative law processes can often resolve these issues, but sometimes, they need to go to court.

In case of a dispute, the court prioritizes the child’s best interests. Thus, having an experienced child custody lawyer in your corner can help present your case in the best light, assisting you in securing favorable custody and visitation rights.

Understanding Visitation Rights

Often, the parent who does not have physical custody gets visitation rights. These are necessary to maintain a consistent relationship between the child and both parents. Experienced Butler County family law attorneys can help you understand, and fight for, your visitation rights in court.

Remember, social media can influence your visitation rights, as courts may view your online behavior when deciding what is in the best interest of the child. Always exercise caution when posting on social platforms regarding family matters, seeking advice from a family lawyer when in doubt.

Child Support

Child support is a legal obligation, not a choice. In Ohio, the amount of support is calculated by a structured formula developed by the state. There may be adjustments based on the amount of time each parent will have the child, but in general, this is one of those legal matters where you won’t have a lot of choices.

Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Orders

In cases of domestic violence, your first priority must be the safety of you and your children. Once you are safe, getting legal representation becomes critical. If a parent is deemed harmful or threatening, your lawyer can fight for the safety of you and your child by seeking protective custody orders or a civil protection order. Alternatively, if you have been accused of domestic violence, it is crucial to defend the allegations. Findings of domestic violence can have significant effects on not only the divorce process but also on background checks and other consequences outside of court.

Domestic relations cases encompass a wide spectrum of issues, including child custody, visitation rights, child support, and domestic violence. A knowledgeable and experienced law firm can provide the legal support you need to navigate these intricate issues.

Don’t Face These Legal Issues Alone

Whether you’re facing a child custody battle, dealing with domestic violence, seeking visitation rights, or navigating child support, you shouldn’t have to face your family law case alone. The reputable Butler County family law attorneys at Kirkland & Sommers can help guide you through these complex situations and work towards your best possible outcome.

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