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If you are considering a divorce or dealing with family law issues in Warren County, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced divorce lawyer by your side. From understanding the process of divorce or dissolution of marriage to navigating child support, custody, and modification cases, an experienced Warren County divorce lawyer can provide valuable information to help you make informed decisions during this challenging time.


Considering Divorce?

If you are looking for a Warren County divorce lawyer, it is crucial to first understand the process of divorce. In Ohio, the Warren County Domestic Relations Court oversees these legal matters. That includes anything from dissolution of marriage to dealing with child support issues. Divorce proceedings are typically undertaken when a couple wants to end their marriage but cannot agree on how to end it fairly, or if it is a particularly complex divorce case with high assets or business ownership, for example.

Dissolution of Marriage

The dissolution of marriage, according to the Ohio State Bar Association, is a mutual agreement between spouses to terminate their marriage together. With the proper legal aid and collaborative law approach, this process can be relatively stress-free, especially when both parties share a common goal. Even though it’s usually handled by a divorce lawyer, it is typically faster and less costly than full divorce proceedings. However, it requires both parties to agree on all legal matters, including issues of custody, spousal support, parenting time, and so on. Your divorce lawyer will be able to advise you as to whether a dissolution of marriage seems possible and review any agreement the parties propose. It’s important to keep in mind that just because you may agree on the basics, your initial plan or separation agreement should still be reviewed by an experienced divorce attorney. In fact, both parties should seek a review by separate divorce lawyers who will only have one client’s best interests to consider.

Child Support

Supporting a child financially is an obligation that both parents undertake as soon as they have children. Parents don’t even have to be married or divorcing to need legal advice on child support issues and child support modifications. Whether or not you are awarded child support or ordered to pay child support will be decided by the Warren County Domestic Relations Court, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code. Consulting with an experienced Warren County law firm like Kirkland & Sommers can make this journey easier and yield better results. Our divorce attorneys can handle the most complex divorce case and will ensure that temporary child support orders are included in the separation agreement.


Child Custody

Child custody, support, and parenting time are three separate issues that must be decided. While the child support formula is spelled out in Ohio law, the magistrate in the Domestic Relations Court of Warren County will have more discretion in terms of physical custody and parenting time. Both parties should attempt to work out an agreeable parenting plan and physical custody plan, taking everyone’s schedules and locations into account. If they cannot, the court will implement a default plan which varies by county. Divorce lawyers serving Warren County, like Kirkland & Sommers, will be able to advise you as to what the default plan will look like in your area if you cannot agree.



In some cases, modifications to the final divorce decree, award of child support or custody arrangements may be necessary. Child support modifications will still be dictated by Ohio’s state formula, but requests for child support modifications will only be considered if at least one party’s income has changed substantially. In fact, any modification to the divorce decree will only be entertained by the court if it can be proven that there have been significant life changes since the final order was issued. Your divorce attorney should be able to advise you as to whether or not changes in your life would be significant enough for the Warren County court to consider. The best way to find out if changes in your life might be significant enough to result in a modification would be to schedule a free consultation with a qualified divorce attorney.


Other areas of Family Law

A family law attorney is so much more than just a divorce lawyer. While divorce proceedings may constitute the bulk of their legal practice, a divorce lawyer can actually handle all areas of domestic relations and family-related issues. Spousal support, parenting issues, adoption, grandparents’ rights and prenuptial agreements are just some of the other practice areas that a divorce attorney will handle during their legal career. Some of these issues may have to be adjudicated in juvenile court, but divorce proceedings and the like will be held in the Warren County Domestic Relations Court.


Advantages to Working With Kirkland & Sommers

Kirkland & Sommers is a distinguished law firm in Warren County Ohio, with lawyers who specialize in family law and domestic relations. Just as you wouldn’t consider hiring a podiatrist to remove your gall bladder, you shouldn’t consult with a personal injury attorney for advice on divorce law. All of the lawyers at Kirkland & Sommers have been recognized as Ohio Super Lawyers or have achieved membership in the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. The Kirkland & Sommers divorce lawyers serving Warren County have experience arguing cases in the Warren County Domestic Relations Court, which works to your benefit. Their familiarity with that specific court system and the magistrates who preside there give you a distinct advantage over hiring an out-of-town divorce attorney.


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